We sincerely thank you for your interest in our hotel and invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of an agreement.

We will be happy to take care of your employees and offer the following advantages:

  1. Development of an individual tariff policy for each company (depends on the length of stay and number of Guests)
  2. Reduced corporate rates. The price will be fixed and protected from seasonal fluctuations and fluctuations in demand.
  3. Priority consideration of applications for placement
  4. Accounting documents

Do you want to leave a request or ask a question?

Hotel Manager

Tel.: + 7 (951) 924-79-83, Anastasia

Email: sales@aelita-hotel.com

Details can be found by phone: +7 3424 20-20-90, +7 902 63-000-66 or e-mail reception@aelita-hotel.com.